Bourbon, Straight Rye and Tennessee Whiskey are the prominent styles from America, with rye grains featuring heavily in Canadian whiskey as well. Bourbon is America's most famous spirit, made from a mash bill of grains comprised of mostly corn (maize), rye, wheat and other grains.

The use of fresh, 'virgin' American Oak barrels is one of the key contributors to the overall flavour of Kentucky Bourbons, bold with spice, vanilla and a strong woody influence.

America has seen a considerable growth of craft and small-scale producers, many of which are eschewing the traditional styles, offering a more diverse range of grains, casks and types of whiskey being produced.

American Whiskey — Blanton's

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Blanton's 'Gold Edition' 51.5%

Blanton's 'Gold Edition' 51.5%

Region: Kentucky

Strength: 51.5%

Volume: 700ml


Blanton's gold represents some of the very finest bourbon whiskey made in Kentucky today. Chosen from single casks distilled at the Buffalo Trace (Ancient Age) distillery and bottled, labeled and sealed by hand, this is a bourbon with a remarkable depth of flavour. One of our favourite American whiskey's without a doubt.

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