A line from Dundee to Dumbarton dictates the Northern extent of the Lowland region, which extends south to the Scottish/English border. The region has eight producing single malt distilleries and about the same number of extinct ones. Traditionally, the Lowland dram is a lighter style, focusing on citrus, 'grassy' and clean oaky notes.

Once home to a large number of distilleries in the early period of Scotch whisky, and while its numbers dwindled to just a handful in more recent times, there has been a resurgance of production in the area with newcomers Kingsbarns, Daftmill and Annandale, all of which will release mature whiskies in the coming years.

Lowland Region — Auchentoshan

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Auchentoshan 12 years old 40%

Auchentoshan 12 years old 40%

Region: Lowland

Strength: 40%

Volume: 700ml


One of the few remaining distilleries in the Lowlands of Scotland, Auchentoshan is tripple distilled which contributes to its light yet complex nose and palate, offering up toasted almonds, hints of citrus (mandarin) and fresh grass and a rounded caramalised toffee mouthfeel. An excellent dram to get the evening started.

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