Scotch Single Malt is the ultimate whisky experience. It is the most diverse and popular category of all whiskies, covering the broad range of styles and expressions from Scotland's 108 operating single malt distilleries. The term 'Scotch Single Malt Whisky' is a protected by an Act of Parliament, and ensures that the whisky is distilled, matured and bottled solely in Scotland, according to the strictest rules and regulations.

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Scotch Single Malt A-Z — Knockando

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Knockando 'Signatory' 2007 / 12 years old 46%

Knockando 'Signatory' 2007 / 12 years old 46%

Region: Speyside

Strength: 46%

Volume: 700ml


Bottled as part of Signatory Vintage's 'Un-Chillfiltered' range, this 12 year old release from the iconic Knockando distillery in Speyside has been yielded from just two hogshead casks. Nostalgic wafts of tinned peaches smothered in vanilla custard are followed by just a hint of limoncello. Fresh and vibrant on the palate with a slight menthol n...

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