If you're looking for a soft, smooth and approachable whisky, here are a few suggestions. These are whiskies that we have chosen that offer an easy drinking style, without an overwhelming influence of oak or peat/smoke making them the ideal dram for gift-giving.

Smooth Soft & Complex - Easy drinking whiskies, perfect for gifts — Deanston

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Deanston 'Virgin Oak' finish 46.3%

Deanston 'Virgin Oak' finish 46.3%

Region: Highland

Strength: 46.3%

Volume: 700ml


This expression from Deanston has been produced exclusively from virgin oak wood (fresh wood that hasn't held any liquid previously). This dram provides vanilla and lemon zest on the nose, with fresh apples and nutmeg on the finish. This is bottled at 46.3%, which is Deanston distillery's preferred ABV.

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