The Speyside (Strathspey) region stretches from the west of the Spey River near Kingussie to Buckie and back north up to near Forres. There are around 50 producing single malt distilleries together with a few that are now sadly closed. Strathspey is the heart of the Scotch whisky business, producing the vast majority of whisky used in blends and also sold as a single malt, and some of these whiskies are the backbone of Scotland's most famous blends.

There is great diversity of styles in the area, from soft and delicate through to rich and robust, and even some traditional peated whiskies too - this is the region that has it all, and is for many the quintessential example of the Scotch whisky style.

Speyside Region — Knockando

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Knockando 'Signatory' 2007 / 12 years old 46%

Knockando 'Signatory' 2007 / 12 years old 46%

Region: Speyside

Strength: 46%

Volume: 700ml


Bottled as part of Signatory Vintage's 'Un-Chillfiltered' range, this 12 year old release from the iconic Knockando distillery in Speyside has been yielded from just two hogshead casks. Nostalgic wafts of tinned peaches smothered in vanilla custard are followed by just a hint of limoncello. Fresh and vibrant on the palate with a slight menthol n...

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