With Easter just around the corner, no doubt many of you will be indulging in some chocolatey treats to celebrate. So we've come up with a collection dedicated to the best chocolatey whiskies and rums for you to match with your Easter egg...

Easter Treats — Ardbeg

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Ardbeg 'An Oa' 46.6%

Ardbeg 'An Oa' 46.6%

Region: Islay

Strength: 46.6%

Volume: 700ml


Ardbeg 'An Oa' is the latest release from the iconic Ardbeg distillery on Islay, named after the southern point of the island known as the Mull of Oa (pronounced 'oh'). A creation of three different cask types that are married in a new 'gathering' vat which allows these flavours to mellow and mingle. The aroma is classic Ardbeg - sooty, ashy pea...

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