Adelphi 'Kincardine' Batch #1 52.9%

Adelphi 'Kincardine' Batch #1 52.9%
Product Description
Following on the back of their Japanese and Scotch 'fusion' whisky comes Adelphi's latest release, Kincardine. Named after Victor Alexander Bruce, a pioneering Scot who helped shape modern India through progressive public health, free trade and education policies. The whisky itself is a fusion of single malt whisky from the Amrut distillery in Bangalore, and two very famous Speyside whiskies from Scotland. Initially spicy and fruity with floral notes of ripe bananas and marmalade, it moves on to green apples and lemon skin with a touch of white chocolate, lychee and coconut ice cream. The palate is peppered with spice, chili-hot and again coconutty, with black cherry cola and a hint of mustard seed. A continent-spanning dram that is truly unique.

Please note: this is a limited edition release and is strictly one bottle per customer

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