Adelphi 'The Glover' 22 years old 53.1%

Adelphi 'The Glover' 22 years old 53.1%
Product Description

Region: Japan & Scotland

Strength: 53.1%

Volume: 700ml

This unique whisky is a fusion of Japanese and Scotch malt whiskies from the Longmorn and Glen Garioch distilleries in Scotland, and the now closed Hanyu distillery in Japan. Celebrating the life and achievements of Thomas Blake Glover, a pioneering Scots engineer and entrepreneur who became a leading figure in the industrialization of Japan and founding of the company that later would become Mitsubishi. Just 390 individually-numbered bottles of The Glover were produced, with less than 5 available in New Zealand.

The tasting notes from Charles MacLean and Alex Bruce from Adelphi speak of an exotic medley of aromas and flavours from marzipan, dark chocolate, Christmas cake mix, mango and papaya through to cedarwood, clove and varnished wood. In all, a complex, exotic and rare whisky that is proudly "East meets West".

Due to the very limited nature of this bottling, this is strictly available on a 1 bottle per customer basis.