Athru 'Annacoona' 14 years old 48%

Athru 'Annacoona' 14 years old 48%
Product Description

Region: Republic of Ireland

Strength: 48%

Volume: 700ml

Blended by one of Scotland's most famous Master Blender's, Billy Walker, this new lineup of Irish whiskey is part of a limited edition series of whiskies selected for the Lough Gill distillery in Sligo. Annacoona has been aged for 14 years, the first 11 were in American oak casks, prior to a final 3 years in rich pedro ximenez and oloroso sherry casks. Billy describes the whisky as elegant and aromatic, with dried fruit, oranges and rich melted chocolate, remaining fresh and lively as well. The palate is unusually rich for an Irish malt, with salted caramel, dark forest fruits and spices that linger, becoming honeyed and again a combination of chocolate & citrus.