BenRiach 'Tawny Port Finish' 21 years old 46%

BenRiach 'Tawny Port Finish' 21 years old 46%
Product Description

Region: Speyside

Strength: 46%

Volume: 700ml

Matured in traditional American oak casks for most of its life, this 21 year old BenRiach spent the latter part of its maturation in old Port casks from Portugal. These Port casks (known as pipes) impart very specific flavours into the whisky, notably berries, like tart raspberry jam, cranberries and cherries. The sweet and smooth BenRiach character shines through, bringing notes of stewed barley, boiled candy and citrus peel, with the wood returning in toasted oak spice. A simply beautiful old BenRiach full of flavour, aroma and a long and full aftertaste.