Burnside 'Cadenhead' 1989 / 27 years old 47%

Burnside 'Cadenhead' 1989 / 27 years old 47%
Product Description

Strength: 46.5%

Volume: 700ml

Burnside is not the name of a distillery, but rather a name given to a 'teaspooned' malt coming from one of Dufftown's most famous distilleries, owned by William Grant & Sons. This whisky comes primarily from the one distillery (that has its own floor maltings), with a very small portion of whisky from another distillery added to it - to prevent it from ever being sold as a single malt under the distillery name. The tasting notes from Mark Watt of Cadenhead talk about freshly waxed leather, caramel and buttery, burnt sugar, followed by chocolate and lots of red apples and strawberries. The finish is brown sugary sweet-bitter, with a touch of pear.

Due to the restricted availability of this whisky, it is limited to one bottle per customer

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