Craigellachie 'Cadenhead' 12 years old 46%

Craigellachie 'Cadenhead' 12 years old 46%

Region Speyside
Strength 46%
Volume 700ml

A rarely seen but frequently requested whisky here in NZ, this new Craigellachie was chosen by the team at Cadenhead from a combination of casks, 65% were ex-sherry and 35% were fresh ex-Madeira casks from Portugal. This is a bit of a sweet treat - a classical Speyside fruit-bomb offering up lush peach, toffee and demerara sugar tones, dusted with notes of icing sugar and a buttery biscuit base. There is a chewy mouthfeel, giving a sense of dried date and prune with nutty walnut cake rounding it out.

You will note a hazy appearance of this whisky, which is perfectly natural in whiskies that haven't been chill-filtered, especially if the bottles are cold, such as this one was when we took the photo.

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