Dailuaine 'North Star' 2007 / 14 years old 52.5%

Dailuaine 'North Star' 2007 / 14 years old 52.5%

Region Speyside
Strength 52.5%
Volume 700ml

Dailuaine, is a Speyside distillery known for producing a heavier, richer and somewhat meaty spirit, it is however rarely seen as a distillery bottling, with the exception of an occasional Flora and Fauna expression. 

This expression from North Star has been bottled from a single refill Sherry Butt, showcasing a rather thick, rich and sweet expression.

The nose is made up of notes of stewed cherries and thick treacle, while the palate is rather waxy, with notes of cinnamon spice and freshly baked buttered pastries. 

The finish is long and lingering with sweet spicy gingerbread notes and warm earthy notes of black coffee.


Limited to 1 per customer

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