Glencraig 'Signatory 30th Anniversary' 1976 / 42 years old 42%

Glencraig 'Signatory 30th Anniversary' 1976 / 42 years old 42%
Product Description

Region: Highland

Strength: 57.20%

Volume: 700ml

Glencraig is the name given to the whisky made in Lomond stills at Glenburgie, and can be considered one of Scotland's quirky 'distillery within a distillery' projects. Overall Glencraig's time was short lived, with less than 30 years of spirit being made there in their hybrid of pot and column still. Glencraig's production began in the late 50's and ceased in 1981, victim to the collapsing whisky industry and difficulties of production leading to a extremely low number of casks remaining today. Bottled from cask #4283 after 42 years of maturation in an ex-bourbon barrel, released to celebrate Signatory Vintage's 30th anniversary.

Tasting notes from Andrew Symington:

The full-bodied and mature initial nose is exotic (pineapple, apple) and honeyed. Gradually it becomes floral (lilly). The dense attack is syrupy, spicy and vanilla. It then becomes increasingly herbaceous, with the finish even painting a green and luscious countryside. The end of the palate is slightly medicinal (camphor).

Limited to 1 per customer