Hankey Bannister 40 years old 44.3%

Hankey Bannister 40 years old 44.3%
Product Description

Strength: 44.3%

Volume: 700ml

Hankey Bannister was formed in 1757 by partners Messrs Hankey and Bannister and quickly became established as one of the finest suppliers of wines and spirits. The whisky recently scooped an award for its 12-year-old expression at the 2007 International Wine & Spirit Competition.   Limited to 1917 bottles released on the 250th anniversary of the Hankey Bannister partnership.   Producer's Notes: Casks of the precious 40-year-old Hankey Bannister were found nestled within one of its warehouses by Master Blender, Stuart Harvey, who immediately recognised them as containing some of the worlds most coveted whiskies from forgotten Scottish distilleries. A limited release of the unique dram is now taking place, with a one-off special bottling complementing an already significant year for Hankey Bannister its 250th anniversary.   With its seductive aroma and tantalising flavours, Hankey Bannister 40 Years Olds intricate blend contains extraordinary and unusual whiskies, such as Garnheath, Killyloch and Glenflager whose distilleries are now no more. Originally blended in 1966, matured in Spanish oak casks and unchill-filtered, the spirits rarity has been reflected in its luxurious packaging, consisting of a striking Glencairn crystal decanter with two bespoke Glencairn glasses in a rich chocolate-brown leatherette box the ultimate keepsake for discerning whisky lovers. There are not many 40-year-old blends available, and certainly not many of this quality, said Michelle Lansdowne, Brand Manager. Its discovery caused somewhat of a sensation here and were sure that the excitement will be echoed throughout the world when it becomes available to buy there is no doubt that Hankey Bannister 40 Years Old represents a tremendous and unusual opportunity to own an incredibly rare whisky. Were not expecting stocks to last long.   Some of the worlds most knowledgeable and respected whisky buffs are excited too. Jim Murray wrote in his revered Whisky Bible that, there is enough verve and viscosity to ensure a rather delicious toast to the gentlemen. Love it! , whilst fellow drinks writer, Charles Maclean gushed, A mighty attractive whisky, with all the virtues of age and none of the covert disadvantages. I wished the bottle were bigger!   Hankey Bannister is currently exported to over 47 countries worldwide, with a range including a standard un-aged blend, blended malt, 12-year-old blend and 21-year-old blend. The spirit is favoured by whisky enthusiasts across the globe for its distinctive rich full flavour, a result of its high malt content. Expert blending of the finest individual malt and grain whiskies available have created a unique flavour for Hankey Bannister its 40-year-old blend, which has a natural cask strength of 43.3% and is said to have warm fragrant aromas of raisin, chocolate and citrus, which combine with spicy notes leading to an exceptionally long-lasting, smooth and full-bodied finish.   The 250th anniversary of the Hankey Bannister partnership represents a period rich in history and heritage. Formed in 1757 by Messrs Hankey and Bannister, the whisky has been a favourite of many a prestigious name including King George V, Sir Winston Churchill and Evelyn Waugh.

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