Knappogue Castle 12 years old 40%

Knappogue Castle 12 years old 40%
Product Description

Region: Ireland

Strength: 40%

Volume: 700ml

Official Tasting Notes Color: Pale golden color, derived entirely from long maturation in bourbon oak casks. Aroma: Very well balanced, clean fresh citrus and floral notes, complex mellow aromas of malt, perfumy oils, honey/vanilla with medium intensity. Touch of toasted wood also. Taste: Really mellow and well rounded, very well balanced, medium intensity, sweetish complex taste incorporating the aromas abovemalt, citrus, vanilla, perfumy oils, definite toasted wood notes. This is an Irish whiskey for those to try who claim that Irish make a light or boring whiskey, an exceptionally easy drinking dram with heaps of flavour - top notch stuff and our most popular Irish malt.

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