Mackinlay's 'Shackleton' Journey Edition 47.3%

Mackinlay's 'Shackleton' Journey Edition 47.3%
Product Description

Strength: 47.3%

Volume: 700ml

The Mackinlay's Shackleton Whisky 'The Journey Edition' continues the legacy of the Shackleton whisky story that began in 1907. The presentation is simply outstanding - the packaging is inspired by the straw-clad bottles recovered in Antarctica, and comes with an envelope containing photos, a booklet and map that details the epic journey this whisky has undertaken.

The whisky is soft, elegant and refined, with flavours of pear and fresh fruits, buttery vanilla and a distant hint of smoke - an incredible re-creation of a whisky made over 100 years ago at the Glen Mhor distillery.
Vendor : Mackinlay's

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