Rutte Celery Gin 43%

Rutte Celery Gin 43%
Product Description

Country: The Netherlands

Strength: 43%

Volume: 700ml

Rutte gin has its origin in the wee town of Dordrecht in the Netherlands.
Much like the founders of many famous Scottish blending houses Simon Rutte wasn't always a distiller, the gin house started life as a cafe.
In 1872 Mr Rutte started experimenting with herbs and spices from the far east and Rutte gin was born.
The idea of celery gin dates back to some of the early recipies of the Rutte family, it uses Juniper, Celery, Coriander, Angelica Root, Sweet Orange Peel and Cardamom.
It has a more herbacious style than the dry gin along with eastern spices.


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