SMWS 51.11 'Irish danger juice' 2002 / 15 years old 56.7%

SMWS 51.11 'Irish danger juice' 2002 / 15 years old 56.7%
Product Description

Region: Ireland

Strength: 56.7%

Volume: 700ml

SMWS tasting notes: At first there are suggestions of caraway and pencil shavings beneath a taught and sinewed exterior. Time is needed to pry it out of itself. We are rewarded by jelly babies, icing sugar, chocolate digestives, wet beach pebbles, earth, various crushed flowers, baled hay and background notes of maraschino cherry and cola cubes. Reduction brings notes of warm custard tart, apple crumble and a sharp damson puree. The mouth is soft and viscous at first. Runny honey, buttery cereals, tea tree oil, camphor and fruit syrups all vie for attention. Some green peppercorns, soot, furniture wax and shortcrust pastry. With water: green fruits, a little talcum powder, some oatmeal and honey glazed garden fruits.

Cask: 1st fill barrel
Outturn: 198 bottles

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