TASTING: Alec's Academy 'Introductory Elements'

TASTING: Alec's Academy 'Introductory Elements'
Product Description

If you're new to the world of whisky, or just fancy learning a bit more about it, Whisky Galore wizz, Alec, is back with his first Academy session of the year. This tasting will primarily focus as an introduction to Scotch, looking at its history and production, allowing you to gain a base understanding of the industry origins. This is the opportunity to learn and discuss the topic is a small intimate setting, trying 3 different styles of whisky over the course of an hour.

Do come along and join Alec for an educational hour unlike any other!

Places are limited so we do suggest purchasing sooner rather than later to avoid disappointment.

WHEN:Thursday 15th February, 6pm
WHERE: 'The Howff' at Whisky Galore, 834 Colombo Street
PRICE: $18


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