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Whyte & Mackay 43% 1 Litre

Whyte & Mackay 43% 1 Litre
Product Description

Strength: 40%

Volume: 1000 ml

Whyte & Mackay's unique double marriage maturation process produces a distinctly full, round blended scotch whisky with seductively smooth, rich tones. Thats why for over 100 years, Whyte & Mackay has always been special. White & Mackay has long sold well in Scotland, particularly in its western heartland. Big and fruity on the nose, with dates and figs. Full flavoured on the palate, with sweet malt and spice. The finish is medium, with some oak. Figs linger to the end. A confident, well made blend with a distinctly malty heart. A classy, robust Glaswegian dram.

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