Wolfburn 'Kylver Series' III 50%

Wolfburn 'Kylver Series' III 50%
Product Description

Region: Highland

Strength: 50%

Volume: 700ml

Situated on the rugged north coast of Scotland, the Wolfburn distillery has a unique a distinctive style, a reflection of its Caithness surroundings and the rich history of the area. The Kylver series are annual limited editions, which were created to showcase some of the more distinctive casks from the distillery. Each have been named after a burial stone that features one of the earliest examples of the Viking runic alphabet. The third is the series was launched this year, the packaging featuring bespoke artwork by local artist, Ian Giles. It refelects imagery of the Nordic tale of the 'Frost Giant', pulling influences from Scottish seascapes. On the nose, autumn fruits mingle with honey, augmented by a faint hint of oak smoke. Flavours burst onto the palate - floral notes abound and are accompanied by vanilla and light spices. There's a gentle sweetness too, suggestive of caramel and butterscotch. The flavours continue to unfold, with hints of demerara sugar and toffee apple leading to a warm, lingering finish.