Whiskies of The Lowlands

A line from Dundee to Dumbarton dictates the Northern extent of the Lowland region, which extends south to the Scottish/English border. The region has eight producing single malt distilleries and about the same number of extinct ones. Traditionally, the Lowland dram is a lighter style, focusing on citrus, 'grassy' and clean oaky notes.

Once home to a large number of distilleries in the early period of Scotch whisky, and while its numbers dwindled to just a handful in more recent times, there has been a resurgence of production in the area with newcomers Kingsbarns, Daftmill and Annandale and others part of this revival.

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Ailsa Bay 48.9%
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Annandale 'Man O'Swords Fresh ex-Bourbon cask' 2018 #81 61.3%
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Bladnoch 'Talia' 45.5%