About Us

About Us

Established in Scotland 1946
Trading in Christchurch 1992

At Whisky Galore we are dedicated to selecting, importing and distributing the very finest single malt and blended whiskies from Scotland and around the world. We pride ourselves on being Australasia’s leading whisky experts and specialists.


Born in Keith, a small town in the heart of Speyside in Scotland, Michael Fraser Milne moved to New Zealand over three decades ago but has always maintained an unwavering connection to Scotland and its whiskies. With family roots in trading grain and whisky casks back in Scotland, Michael could see a gap in the New Zealand market for high quality single malt whisky and so in 1993 he and Stella established the Whisky Galore brand in New Zealand. In 2003 we opened our first shop in Christchurch, just over the road from our current premises, at 810 Colombo Street.

Over the years Whisky Galore has garnered a wonderful community of whisky lovers throughout New Zealand and overseas and our company remains independent and family owned and operated.

For Michael, Stella and all of us at Whisky Galore it is clear that people are at the heart of the whisky industry. From the stories behind those who distill the Water of Life to the stories shared between friends when drinking, it is this rich heritage we seek to share at Whisky Galore. Michael and Stella make annual trips to Scotland to select the very best in Scotch whisky and we are very proud to be able to share such an extraordinary range of whiskies.

As the whisky and spirits industry has evolved, so too have we. As well as an unrivaled section of whiskies from across the world we also stock range of premium rum and gin.

As a team we delight in maintaining a high level of whisky knowledge and our expertise allows us to help you, the customer, find the perfect spirit for any occasion.

-Michael Fraser Milne