Grain whisky is any type of whisky made in Scotland that is solely produced from grains other than malted barley, and distilled in a column still. Grain whiskies are a cousin to Single Malt whiskies and are an important part of what makes Scotch Blended whisky so special - they are in some regards the glue the ties the malts together in a blend. These whiskies are made in column stills, operating in continuous production as opposed to the smaller 'batch' method used for single malt.  In Scotland there are four grain distilleries and compared to single malt whiskies, they are not readily available as a brand.

These are fascinating whiskies to try, uniquely different to other whiskies, and at the present time they offer extremely good value for money their age compared to single malts.

Scotch Grain Whisky

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Cameronbridge 'Cadenhead' 1984 / 34 years old 52.8%

Cameronbridge 'Cadenhead' 1984 / 34 years old 52.8%

Region: Scotland

Strength: 52.80%

Volume: 700ml


This grain whisky is from the Cameronbridge distillery and has been bottled after 34 years maturation. Creamy notes can be found on the nose, with caramel waffles, almonds, white chocolate and dried banana chips. The palate has caramel notes along with sugar, milk chocolate and soft spices. To finish there is a hint of spice with gingerbread, go...

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