Produced around the globe wherever sugarcane is grown, Rum remains the staple spirit of many nations, notably in the Carribbean. Our range of fine rums, both white and dark, are from some of the most notable distilleries in the world, with a selection to suit all preferences, from sipping through to the foundation of a good rum cocktail.

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Fijian Rum 'BBR' 2003 Vintage #32 46%

Fijian Rum 'BBR' 2003 Vintage #32 46%

Region: Fiji

Strength: 46%

Volume: 700ml


The Caribbean boasts a long history of rum distilling, born of the sugar plantations that began to develop in the 17th century. Each country has its unique style and with maturity the full, intense fruit, spice and, often, molasses flavours shine through. This particular botting is more fruit driven, with notes of melon and honey combining with ...

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