Lindores Abbey Aqua Vitae 40%

Lindores Abbey Aqua Vitae 40%

Region Lowland
Strength 40%
Volume 700ml

Created at the spiritual home of Scotch whisky, this unique product from Lindores Abbey has been made in a similar way to the original spirit that was created in Scotland. Made from the distillery's new make (un-aged, malt spirit) and macerated with spices and herbs, aqua vitae such as this was the pre-cursor to modern whisky. The flavour is rich with infused herbs and spices including cleavers, and sweet cicely which grow in the gardens around the ancient abbey. Serve neat for a taste of history, or use as a base for warming, gingery and spicy cocktails.

please note: this product is not a single malt whisky, however it is categorised here so folk can easily find this unique product.


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