Elijah Craig Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey is named after ther Reverend Elijah Craig, a pioneer of cask maturation and a man credited with creating bourbon whiskey as we now know it. Elijah Craig is often considered to be the first to mature his bourbon in charred oak casks, around the year 1789. These days, Heaven Hill Distillery continue to produce Elijah Craig Bourbon, one of Kentucky's benchmark bourbons.

Elijah Craig

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Elijah Craig 'Small Batch' 47%

Elijah Craig 'Small Batch' 47%

Region: Kentucky

Strength: 47%

Volume: 750ml


The Reverend Elijah Craig etched his name into the history books of American whiskey as a pioneer of cask maturation - he was among the first to age his white dog spirit in charred oak barrels, a process now at the heart of bourbon making. The aroma is complex and sweet, with sour citrus fruit, vanilla bean and plenty of caramel, moving to a ric...

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