Hazelburn Campbeltown Single Malt Scotch Whisky is a triple distilled whisky made at the Springbank Distillery. As a result of triple distilling and using entirely unpeated barley, Hazelburn is a very light and delicate whisky.


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Hazelburn 10 years old 46%

Hazelburn 10 years old 46%

Region: Campbeltown

Strength: 46%

Volume: 700ml


Hazelburn is the name given to the triple distilled spirit made at the Springbank distillery from entirely unpeated barley. These two decisions create a very light, delicate spirit that develops into a sweet whisky with notes of marzipan, stewed pears and honeycomb. The palate is very oily and mouthfilling, with a hint of coconut and liquorice. ...

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