Justerini & Brooks were one of the first in London to purchase Scotch whisky in order to create its own blends. Originally founded in 1749 by Italian Giacomo Justerini and George Johnson, they developed the J&B Club blended Scotch whisky. This blend is has a balanced palate with plenty of fruit and a hint of toffee and walnut.

Justerini & Brooks

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Justerini & Brooks J&B 40 % 1 litre

Justerini & Brooks J&B 40 % 1 litre

Strength: 40%

Volume: 1 Litre


J&B Rare contains 42 different whiskies, carefully blended to create a subtle, smooth & complex flavour. The heart of J&B Rare is formed by Speyside malt whiskies. Added to that are some of the finest grain whiskies Scotland has to offer. J&B Rare is the most popular Scotch whisky in Europe and the number 2 Scotch in the world!

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