Copy of Private Whisky Tastings


Tastings in our Howff (or 'meeting place') are hosted by our experienced Whisky presenters. We aim for our evenings to be enjoyable, informative, and welcoming to all levels of experience.

These tastings are available to book for weekdays aside from Friday.

There are various tasting options available for your whisky evening, these range from assorted introductory single malt whiskies to some older more unique options, which are outlined below. These demonstrate the basic format, however we can tailor the tasting to suit your preference as a group. We recommend a minimum of 20 - 25 people for our evening-time tastings, if you are wanting to cater to a small group of 3-8 then our flights are a perfect choice.


Option 1: A Scotch Story
Four Whiskies from across the spectrum of styles and regions of Scotland. Intended to give you and your guests a feeling for the history and flavour of Scotch Whisky.

Option 2: A Romp around Scotland
6:30- 8:30pm
Six Whiskies with a broad range of character and age. Intended to provide an informative evening for experienced and novice drinkers alike.

Option 3: A Noble Adventure
Six Whiskies with of advanced age (15-30 years old), limited in nature, and from a range of styles. Intended to make for a distinguished tasting to intrigue even the most seasoned Whisky drinker.

Bespoke Tastings

If you have a more specific tasting request, we would be happy to work with you in creating a bespoke tasting event. Please enquire via the link at the foot of this page and we will be happy to discuss options.

If you do wish to have snacks/canapes to accompany your tasting, we can arrange those through our caterer.
We do recommend booking your tasting well in advance to avoid disappointment.

In-store flights

Flights at Whisky Galore are an informal opportunity for a small group of guests (3-8) to relax and enjoy some of the limited drams which are not normally available to try.

These flights take place from 4:45 to 5:30pm and we can book them in on weekdays aside from Friday, just get in touch with the Events team to arrange.

One of our Whisky Experts will give a short introduction to the expressions before allowing your group some time to sit and appreciate the flight, to round out the tasting you’ll have the chance to share observations and ask questions.

Our offering of Whiskies for flights is ever changing, the three options below will give you an idea of the general nature of the offering.


1: $50.00, three 20ml drams
Striking drams for the informed drinker
eg. 15-18 year old expressions from across Scotland


2: $80.00, three 20ml drams
Sophisticated malts for the refined palate
eg 21-25 year old expressions from across Scotland


3: $150.00, two 30ml drams
Sublime expressions from vintages of distinction
eg A contrasting pair of old malts from distinguished distilleries