Dailuaine Single Malt Scotch Whisky is distilled at Dailuane distillery, founded in 1852 in the Speyside region. The name 'Dailuaine' comes from the Gaelic term 'An dail uaine' meaning green valley. Whilst most of the single malt produced at Dailuaine distillery is used for blending Johnnie Walker, there have been a  few official releases and independent bottlings.


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Dailuaine 'Signatory' 1997 / 22 years old 46.1%

Dailuaine 'Signatory' 1997 / 22 years old 46.1%

Region: Speyside

Strength: 46.1%

Volume: 700ml


Distilled in 1997 at the Dailuaine distillery and bottled after 22 years of maturation, this natural cask-strength release has notes of black tea, dried fruit and an orangey tone throughout, with a late herbal character coming through on delicate bitter spices. At 46.1% this cask has shed a lot of alcohol, creating a very soft and mellow whisky.

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