Benriach 'Menteith - Macbeth Thanes' 31 years old 53.1%

Benriach 'Menteith - Macbeth Thanes' 31 years old 53.1%

Region Speyside
Strength 53.1%
Volume 700ml

Produced by independent bottlers Elixir Distillers, this series forms part of a mutli-year release inspired by Shakespear's iconic play, Macbeth. Each bottling is named and inspired by one of the iconic characters of the play, and includes a label bearing the work of internationally renowned artist Sir Quentin Blake.

Selected from a small combination of casks from the Benriach distillery in Speyside, this 31 year old the beautiful, fragrant and scented qualities of Benriach. Quintessential in style, offering ripe orchard fruit, buttery apple pie and lashings of heather honey. A tropical note bursts through, with a savoury, earthy character that remains on the palate for a long time.

Limited to 1 per customer

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