Glen Garioch 'Director's Special' 31 years old 49.6%

Glen Garioch 'Director's Special' 31 years old 49.6%

Region Highland
Strength 57.3%
Volume 700ml

Only 130 bottles were yielded from a single barrel from the Glen Garioch for this very special 31 year old release. The Director of Elixir Distillers has hand-selected this cask, and writes the following evocative tasting notes:

In an old-fashioned ice cream parlour, the air is filled with such delights as home-made milk ice cream, fruity knickerbocker glories, trays of various jelly sweets to be chosen and gathered in paper bags. Waffle cones, toasted teacakes and ginger beer
ice cream floats. 

A gingery biscuit crumb-based cheesecake, adorned with chopped pieces of dark-chocolate-covered, crystalised stem ginger pieces, is served with a big scoop of Madagascan vanilla ice cream.

Soft, crumbly lemon-and-ginger cookies linger on the finish.

Limited to 1 per customer

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