Linkwood 'Lady Macduff - Macbeth Thanes' 31 years old 48.2%

Linkwood 'Lady Macduff - Macbeth Thanes' 31 years old 48.2%

Region Speyside
Strength 48.2%
Volume 700ml

Produced by independent bottlers Elixir Distillers, this series forms part of a mutli-year release inspired by Shakespear's iconic play, Macbeth. Each bottling is named and inspired by one of the iconic characters of the play, and includes a label bearing the work of internationally renowned artist Sir Quentin Blake.

Bursting with  citrus and a medley of other fresh & sweet stone summer fruits, this 31 year old Linkwood was clearly chosen for its exquisite fruity character. This is the quintessential elegant old style of Linkwood, bringing a big, weighty and oily mouthfeel that carries the sweeter tones through to the finish, which even after 31 years never dominates with wood, leaving behind a subtle herbaceous and beeswax flavour.

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