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This selection of Irish whiskeys celebrates Ireland's past and future of distilling. With classics such as Jameson 18 years old and new releases from Midleton distillery, Method and Madness, which has unique releases such as the Single Grain and French Limousin Oak casks. Below is our selection of whiskey that represents the lighter, sweeter and softer style that Irish whiskey is so well known for.


Irish Whiskey — Cadenhead

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An Irish 'Cadenhead' 2006 / 10 years old 47.4%

An Irish 'Cadenhead' 2006 / 10 years old 47.4%

Region: Ireland

Strength: 47.4%

Volume: 700ml


Distilled at an undisclosed distillery in Ireland, this new release was selected and bottled by Wm. Cadenhead. Known for an incredibly lush, syrupy and fruity style, this whiskey is fresh and aromatic - pineapple, peaches and lemongrass scents, moving to a creamy and again tropical fruit flavour on the palate. Passionfruit, mango, kiwi and more,...

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