It's hard to say how these whiskies gain their distinctive salty edge and there are many different theories behind the how. Whether it's down to maturation on Scotland's rugged coast line, unique stills, the use of peat, or a little bit of magic; here at Whisky Galore, even though we can't explain the how, we can definitely vouch for the wonderfully unique taste.

Coastal - Whiskies from the coastal areas of Scotland that have a salty seaspray tang — Highland Park

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Highland Park 12 years old 40%

Highland Park 12 years old 40%

Region: Highland

Strength: 40%

Volume: 700ml


Distilled at the most northerly distillery in Scotland, Highland Park remains one of the best examples of the Island style. Notes of heather honey sweetness are joined with a malty flavour and exotic stewed fruits. A thread of heather-tinged peat smoke and a lip-smacking salinity cuts through in the finish. A true Scottish classic.

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